Management & Board



James Robert (Bob) Todhunter - President
Mr. Todhunter joins AIM from Percana Mining Corp., where he has worked for the past 8 years as a director and in a number of senior executive roles.

Most recently Mr. Todhunter was the President of Percana Mining Corp. During his involvement with Percana the company made significant advancements with the company's presence in Peru. The Percana team worked on exploration programs in Peru progressing projects towards feasibility studies, identifying other significant mining concession properties for future acquisition and developing the infrastructure required for effective transportation, storage port options.

Mr. Todhunter brings over 35 years experience in corporate finance, business consulting and marketing working with both private and public corporations in North America and internationally. As President of Amerirep Northwest Inc. in Seattle, Washington he was instrumental in successfully developing sales and marketing strategies with manufacturers worldwide. As the Vice President of Penn Capital in Seoul, Korea he worked with the Korean Business Association and Korean government agencies assisting many Korean corporations increase their presence in North America.

As Director of Finance and Marketing for E-Com Technologies (Nevada), Bob was instrumental in building E-Com into a corporation that was eventually acquired.

Mr. Todhunter was formerly a banker with the Royal Bank of Canada (20+ years) where he held managerial positions in both retail and business operations. Bob completed his formal education studies through the Institute of Canadian Bankers at the University of British Columbia.


Greg Formoso - Director
Mr. Formoso is an Industrial Management Engineer with extensive experience in supply chain management and business analysis and development. He has worked in a variety of industries that include food, beverage, packaging, business process outsourcing, mining, and medical diagnostics.

Mr. Formoso currently holds the position of President of Paladino Management and Development Corporation, which manages a feldspar mining and processing operation in northern Philippines. He is also the Vice President (VP) of Operations and Treasurer of PharmaCanada, Inc.—a medical diagnostics company specializing in early cancer detection. He has held key roles that include: Director of Sherpa Global Supply Chain Solutions Center, Inc., President and Chief Operating Officer of Asialink Business Process Outsourcing, Inc., and various management positions with San Miguel Corporation (a Filipino conglomerate).



Dr. Carlos Arias Eguiguren - Director
Dr. Arias has sustained a long and distinguished career in the mining industry throughout the world. Dr. Arias is also a lawyer specializing in mining law. He was formally educated in Ecuador where he received a law degree in 1989 and later a doctorate in law in 2000. He received his Master's Degree in International Business Legal Studies (IBLS) in 1993 from the University of Exeter in the United Kingdom, followed by a diploma in transactional contracts from the International Development Law Institute in Rome, Italy that same year.

Dr. Arias is a former Director of the Ecuadorian Chamber of Mines, serving terms in 1996-1998 and 2001-2005. He has served with several mining companies and has been responsible for important mining projects pertaining to acquisition and development. From 1993-1995, Dr. Arias served as President of Ecuadorian Minerals Corporation (now International Minerals) and was charged with the acquisition and consolidation of the Gaby and Rio Blanco (formerly San Luis) mining projects. From 2001-2004, he served as General Manager of Aurelian Resources, where he was responsible for the acquisition of the La Zarza mining project and the consolidation of 35 concessions into a single 90,000-hectare project. From 2000-2008, Dr. Arias served as General Manager of Avalanche Resources, where he was instrumental in acquiring ten mining concessions in Ecuador and the Alto El Toro gold project in Colombia.

Currently, Dr. Arias serves as Vice President and Director of Fort St. James Nickel Corp. of British Colombia; General Manager of Lateegra Ecuador S.A.; associate of Investbank Corp.; and Executive Director for the Andean Region of OIS & Associates. Additionally, he maintains a busy legal practice, serving as advisor to many corporations.





Karl D. Gurr
Mr. Gurr has over 39 years of mining, construction, mine development, operations, environmental remediation and maintenance experience. His professional career includes work assignments in mining, minerals, coal and industrial operations. He is currently a Sr. Mining Consultant/Geologist with Gustavson Associates (US). He will bring his expertise to Aim’s drilling, exploration and production activities.


Chen Yangqian - Chief Representative to  Republic of China
Mr. Chen Yangqian is a successful professional with an extensive background and experience in law enforcement, working along side government agencies, as well as experience in import and export operations and collaborating with various companies in the trading industry.

Mr. Chen first started as a police officer and security officer, working on the field from the early 80s to the late 80s, gaining first hand experience in law enforcement and Chinese policies and laws. Mr. Chen then moved on to his now area of expertise, working as Chief of Staff for the Xiamen Commercial and Duties Corporation. This opportunity allowed Mr. Chen to lay a foundation for his knowledge in Chinese government policies, trading and networking.

In the summer of 1993, Mr. Chen became the Chairman for the Xiamen State Commodities and Duties Corporation, a position he held until 1999, and where he continuously bolstered his knowledge and understanding in the industry.

Since then, Mr. Chen has been involved in various organizations partaking in various roles. He is a representative of The 9th Committee of Fujian Federation of Overseas Chinese Representative for Philippines.

As well as becoming the President for Sinocom Digital Security Systems Corporation (SDSS) in Philippines. SDSS designs, develops, and implement various security solutions designed to tailor fit each industry's demands. Mr. Chen is also currently involved as a Commercial Representative for the China National Electric Engineering Co. Ltd. in the Philippines. Lastly, Mr. Chen is additionally a Senior Business Consultant for the China National Technical Import and Export Corporation.


Tito Lindorfo
Mr. Lindorfo is a geology engineer with over 30 years of field and managerial experience within the Peruvian environment. His professional career includes diverse work assignments from topography development of pits, to exploration galleries and field sampling, and the management of construction projects. He has worked within the context of coal, gold and copper operations. Tito is currently a Manager / Consultant with CSIMLSAC (Peru), and will bring technical and local market insights to Aim’s activities.


Manuel Chumpitaz Cama
Mr. Cama is a trained geological engineer with deep expertise in geology, cartography and environmental engineering. He has been involved in Peruvian mining projects in varying capacities that include: surface topography, map evaluations, geological exploration, construction management and geochemistry sampling—to name a few. Since 1994, Mr. Cama has held technical and managerial roles in over 45 private and public sector projects across Peru. He will bring this diverse experience to Aim’s operations.