Company History

Over the span of seven years, Percana SA acquired 3 mining concession properties in the Lajon area of the Huaranchal District, in the province of Otuzco. Totaling 1000 hectares, the individual properties are 600, 200 and 200 hectares respectively. The following table outlines the details of these properties:




Mining Concession Title

El Tunel Del Tempo 1


200 hectares

Resolution No. 0862-2007-INGEMMET/PCD/PM (September 7, 2007)

El Tunel Del Tempo 2


200 hectares

Resolution No. 0839-2007-INGEMMET/PCD/PM (September 7, 2007)

Agujeros Negros MA-AG


600 hectares

Resolution No. 493-2001-RPM (March 16, 2001)



Percana SA purchased the concession properties based on indications of high-grade anthracite coal deposits. ( illegal artisan miners have been extracting anthracite coal from approx. 20 tunnel mines on one section of the properties.) To verify the geology and quality of these deposits, the company commissioned local Peruvian engineers and geologists to complete a Technical Report. While this report was very strong, the estimates of resources, reserves and economics did not meet public reporting standards. 

Anthracite coal samples from the tunnels have been tested by the SGS labs and the results have been excellent, these results can be obtained by contacting the company. 

Aim SA engaged Gustavson Associates to visit the site in order to provide preliminary assessments and recommendations for advancing projects on the property.